The 5 Elements: A Yin Yoga Workshop

Sunday, August 16th, 2020 5-7pm — $20

This workshop is for all levels and experience with yin yoga. *This is a Virtual workshop & will be held on Zoom*

“The five element cycle symbolizes the continuity of life.” -Gail Reichstein

Yin is the practice of creating balance, harmony & ease. It is slow & gentle. It is supportive while creating space in the joints, connective tissues & muscles.

The five elements form the foundation of our Yin practice. We experience these elements at play around us while we also feel them moving within us.

This workshop will investigate what the five elements are & how they are connected to each other, the world around us & the world within us. Expect conversation & practice. Expect intention setting. Expect mudra, mantra, pranayama & shapes held between 3-5 minutes (maybe more.)

Bring a notebook if you like taking notes. Suggested supports include (but are not limited to!) pillows and/or a bolster, blankets, yoga blocks, an eye pillow & a strap or belt.

I began my Yin practice at Prema Yoga in Brooklyn, NY with Bobbie Marchand. I trained in Yin & Daoism with Megan Moss Freeman & Thomas Droge in NYC. Currently, I am continuing to study Traditional Chinese Medicine theory & pranayama through The Studio & practicing QiGong with Master Faxiang Hou (both in NYC.)

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Lunar Rhythm

Join myself and Kelley Voegelin for this one hour virtual Lunar workshop.

Lunar Rhythm is the instinctual cycle we all follow; each lunar phase pulls us differently, cycling through shifting energetics and opportunities to connect to ritual. In this workshop, you will learn how the darkness of the New Moon offers a pause through which your own wisdom and power shine. In addition, we you will create your own New Moon Intention to follow you throughout this lunar cycle.

*Stay tuned for our next installment of Lunar Rhythm*

Yoga Dance

This powerful exploration of the energetic centers in the body will resume when we are able to gather & sweat together!